Backup and Data Recovery


 Complete BUDR Solution
 Best Practice, Hybrid Image and File-based backup and recovery solution.

Backup and Data Recovery
All backup solutions are not created equally.  We utilize a hybrid solution that offers "Image-Based" and "File-Based" features.  We chose this solution to achieve goals and expectations set by our customers as well as to preserve what we believe to be "Best Practice" solutions.

File-Based Backup
Imagine this:  Your company uses a file-based ONLY backup solution.  This means that individual files (documents, spreadsheets, presentations, photos, videos, etc..) or Folders (My Documents, My Photos, Etc..) are backed up to a device on your network and/or a cloud storage solution (via the internet).  Better than nothing, without a doubt.  Let's say your hard drive crashes.  What are the steps to get you back up and running?
  • First: You need to install a new Hard drive.
  • Second: You will need to reload your Operating System (Windows 7, Windows 8, etc...)
  • Third: After reloading your Operating system, you will need to perform all of the Windows updates (most likely 100+)
  • Fourth: After spending at least an hour, downloading updates. You need to install all of the programs you had. Another couple of hours are spent loading: Adobe, Quickbooks, Office, Open Office, Anti-Virus, etc..
  • Fifth: You can finally begin restoring your back-up files on to your new hard drive.
Give or take 30 minutes or so, you or your technician have spent at least 2 hours (most likely longer) getting you back to an operating state.  During which time, your employee (who is paid by the hour) has been twiddling their thumbs.

Image-Based Backup
 - Now lets use this same scenario with an image based backup and restore.
Since an entire image of your drive has been backed up and kept up-to-date every 15 minutes or so, we have the ability to cut the above five steps down to two.
  • First: Install the new hard drive.
  • Second: Using a bootable CD, made from the backup system, we boot the computer to the recovery program and the computer immediately begins rebuilding the data on the drive, block-by-block.
After about 15-30 minutes, your PC is completely restored to the last backup state (or an earlier state, up to 2 weeks) and you are done.  Start using the PC like nothing ever happened.

In the above scenario, we have saved a 2 to 3 hour on-site bill from the technician as well as the 2 to 3 hour employee wage that was completely wasted.

** But, what about when an employee accidentally deletes a file?  Does that mean we have to perform a complete image restore just to recover a single document?

With our hybrid solution, the answer is NO.  We can simply access the stored image on the backup server and restore the desired single file, directory, etc..

To finish this solution off with a bang! In addition to the above features, we also replicate (copy) the backup images to our servers at the office.  This serves two purposes.
  • One: This benefits the customer's peace of mind that their information is also backed up off-site, in the case of fire, flood, etc..
  • Two: Our out-of-town customers can benefit by being shipped a fully restored Hard Drive over night, simply to be plugged in as a replacement and ready to go.
In closing, we exclusively use this system in ALL of our Managed I.T. Services clients.  It is our position that there is no need to offer a lesser solution for the purpose of saving a couple of dollars here and there.  We strive to deliver what we believe is the absolute best for both the client, as well as ourselves and would settle for nothing less.