Endpoint Security


  Complete Endpoint Security from PANDA SECURITY

  Business-Class Antivirus, Firewall and Web Proxy services.

Endpoint Security
Included in our Managed I.T. Services solution, is the endpoint security and protection of Panda Cloud Office Protection Advanced.  This service offers the benefits of :

Maximum protection

Panda Cloud Protection offers proactive anti-malware protection for endpoints, email and web traffic. Signature files are updated continuously and automatically, leveraging Panda Security’s Collective Intelligence knowledge base. It provides firewall protection (in personal or managed mode), as well as cloud-based anti-spam filtering.

Minimizes maintenance costs

The solution requires no investment in infrastructure or specialized personnel, as everything is maintained by South Georgia ITS, LLC. It reduces unnecessary email traffic on the network and maintains optimum protection levels, even during peak traffic times.

URL Filtering

Panda Cloud Office Protection offers the ability to filter particular URLs.  For example, a business may decide that employees do not need to engage in the use of Facebook in the work place.  URL filtering will block access to individual websites and services that the administration my deem counter-productive.

Optimizes resource consumption

The solution uses technologies that minimize resource and bandwidth consumption. The peer-to-peer endpoint updates save bandwidth. It also eliminates non-productive traffic in the perimeter, thereby reducing server workloads.

Easy to use, easy to maintain

As our chosen platform for endpoint security, and included in our Managed I.T. Services solution, you the customer, have to put forth zero effort in configuration and monitoring of your security.  All maintenance of endpoint security will be handled as part of our service.

Monitoring and reports

Panda Cloud Protection offers on-demand and scheduled scanning, with results that can be monitored in real time. Reports can be configured to offer a variety of information relative to detection and protection status, which can be exported to a range of formats and sent automatically via email.  Customers will receive weekly status reports of the prior week's threats and security issues as well as their resolutions.  We believe that an informed customer is a happy customer.

Panda Cloud Office Protection