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Panda GateDefender:

Corporate security needs and the sophistication of companies' network infrastructures demand flexible, versatile and easy-to-use perimeter protection devices.

The growing complexity of corporate environments, traditionally focused on providing a safe work environment by limiting outgoing connections, clashes with modern-day business needs. Workers now have several computing devices at their disposal (laptops, smartphones, etc.) both inside and outside the office, and exchange information constantly in different ways: directly from one device to another, via the Internet or through the corporate network servers.

Panda GateDefender perimeter security service designed to neutralize viruses, spam and unauthorized access at the Internet gateway through a complete set of resources which leverage Collective Intelligence technologies.

Panda GateDefender is a unified perimeter security device that protects against all types of threats and provides flexible connectivity. Its single, easy-to-use interface accessible anytime from the cloud offers the following protections:

Firewall: Ensures that inbound/outbound communications comply with the security policy

Intrusion prevention system (IPS): Prevents intrusion attacks.

Anti-malware: Protects against all types of malicious software.

Content filter: Scans inbound and outbound traffic for dangerous content.

Anti-spam: Keeps email traffic free from junk mail.

Web filter: Restricts access to non-work-related Web content.

Panda GateDefender ensures secure, flexible connectivity through:

Multiple connection technologies to access the Internet and your

corporate network. Compatible with USB/ADSL/UMTS/GPRS/3G/Wireless devices

Line backup: High availability to mitigate the risk of Internet connection failure.
VPN: Secure communication between remote offices, and between roaming workers and head offices/branches.
HotSpot: Grants controlled, temporary Internet access to guests or visitors to your business

Main Benefits
All-in-one gateway security against all types of infection and intrusion attempts right from the start. Faster response to new malware threats via automatic updates and queries to the cloud Flexible connectivity for secure communication between remote offices, and roaming workers with mobile devices. Internet access control for people visiting your business Flexible, cloud-based management to centrally monitor, manage and update appliances quickly and easily, anywhere, anytime Increased user productivity and optimized bandwidth usage thanks to spam neutralization, restricted access to unproductive content and services, and bandwidth usage control. High Internet availability. Its routing policies allow configuration of multiple high-availability lines, as well as installation of multiple appliances in parallel to deliver fault-tolerant, secure connectivity.  

Key Features
Internet access control and protection
Maximum protection and performance at gateway level. It scans the most widely used protocols:
HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP and POP3 for content TCP, UDP and ICMP for network intrusions (IPS) SSL, IPSec and L2TP for VPN.
Total control over outbound/inbound Internet communication through firewall rules and protocol identification (P2P, VoIP, IM, Spotify and other).

Complete anti-malware and anti-spam 
It protects Web and email traffic detecting and blocking all types of threats and junk mail. It quarantines suspicious files and messages, allowing administrators to review, restore or delete the items. 
It includes heuristic technologies for protecting the corporate network against unknown malware, viruses, trojans, worms, phishing, jokes, spyware, dialers and hacking tools.

Security policy The Content Filter protection allows administrators to define the company's security policies, setting filters for both inbound and outbound files and/or email and preventing confidential or personal data from leaving the company.

Bandwidth management and optimization Thanks to its Web filtering and QoS features, Panda Gatedefender increases productivity by prohibiting user access to inappropriate websites and preventing the use
of bandwidth-exhausting applications (streaming, VoIP, P2P). Additionally, the Web proxy feature allows administrators to optimize Internet bandwidth usage, caching the most commonly accessed pages.
Automatic updates Real-time, cloud-based anti-spam provides instant detection of new spam in circulation. Both the Web-filtering signature file and the IPS and antivirus rules file are automatically updated every 60 minutes. Cloud-based management Panda Perimetral Management Console lets you monitor the status of all Panda GateDefenders from a single location, accessible from the cloud at any time. Network administrators will be able to remotely update and monitor them as well as change their settings simply and quickly. High Internet availability Its advanced routing and high availability features allow administrators to select alternative Internet access lines if the primary Internet connection fails or is temporarily down. Additionally, Panda Gatedefender can use 3G and 4G USB modems to connect to the Web in the event of Internet connection failure. Flexible, secure connectivity Its VPN encrypts all communications between offices and allows secure remote access to corporate resources. It combines host-to-host, host-to-net and net-to-net VPNs and supports the SSL, IPSec, and L2TP protocols in client and server mode for PCs, iPhone®, iPad®, Android platforms, and other mobile phone platforms. Hotspot management It allows administrators to grant controlled, temporary cable or wireless Internet access to guests or visitors to your business, regardless of the device they are using. Its advanced configuration options allow organizations to create, eliminate or update the connection settings to the smallest detail.

GateDefender eSoHo Series (up to 25 users)

GateDefender Performa eSeries (up to 2,500 users)