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Ticket Submission

South Georgia ITS makes it easy to report trouble or submit requests for support.  Although we are always glad to answer the phone, submitting a trouble ticket through our portal is the best way to get your issue taken care of quickly and efficiently.  Access to the portal is always available and is only a click away!

  • Locate the SGAITS logo in the task bar of your computer, it should be beside the system clock in the lower right-hand portion of your screen and will look like this: 

  • Simply Right-click on the logo, and a menu will appear (shown above).
  • Now, Left-click on the "Submit Ticket" option (shown above).
  • Your default web browser will open to the SGAITS portal, from there, you can submit a ticket (shown below).

  • Make sure the "Submitter Information" is correct (Name, Email and phone number)
  • Summarize your issue in the "Summery" field
  • Select a Category (Application, Network, Printing, Hardware or Training)
  • Describe in detail the issue you are having
  • Attack any document or image that may be relative to the issue.
That's it! Click submit, and you are done!
If you entered your email address, you will receive notifications as technicians update your ticket.