We are a premier provider of Information Technology services for medium to small businesses. We provide turn-key solutions for: data storage and backup, LAN connectivity, WAN connectivity, firewall and advanced routing implementation, VoIP telephony, network monitoring (SNMP), hosted and in-house email solutions, database management (SQL & MySQL), network security, business class anti-virus solutions, workstation and server support.

We believe that your information technology service should provide you with a safe, secure and efficient way to perform the tasks you want or need. Too many times in this field of work, IT managers become the necessary evil and are constantly peered upon as having too much control or impossible to reason with. We strive to counter that stereotype by consulting regularly and considering our customer's needs, then developing soluti
ons around those needs and requests.

Our services are provided through affordable contracting and flexible agreements. If your business requires the presence of an IT service and administration, South Georgia ITS has the solution. Contact us today for a consultation and ask how we can can become one of your company's smartest investments.

Our Experience Shows!

Knowledge and understanding is key in this business.  There needs to be a good foundation of fundamentals to build upon and keeping up with this ever-changing field is crucial in order to stay on top of new technologies.  However, having good knowledge of this technology is not the ONLY aspect of a good systems manager.  Good workmanship and pride in one’s work carries far in this business.

It has been in our experience that being neat and organized pays off in the long run.  Sloppy work such as tangled wires, stacked devices, and cluttered equipment areas are simply a reflection on one’s pride and lack of foresight into future maintenance.  This type of workmanship has proven time and time again to account for a large percentage of maintenance issues and increases in downtime, as technicians have to sift through clutter just to get an understanding of their surroundings before repairs can begin.  

At South Georgia, ITS, it is our goal to deliver up-to-date service with the latest technology and implement these with good workmanship and pride.  We will prove to you that our experience shows.

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